Monday, November 12, 2012

Welcome Cooler Times

Winter is coming! The air is definitely cooler, and doing errands is no longer a hot sweaty chore.  I know, I know, how can I live in the desert when I hate hot weather?  Well, the desert is where the jobs are for me, so for 4 months out of the year, I am forced to suffer.

Now the good times are rolling in.  I can go outside with a sweatshirt on. The unbearable heat that makes me the laziest person on the planet and makes me never want to leave my air-conditioned haven has now passed.

Now I can take my dogs on car rides with me.  In the middle of summer, I can't even take them to the dog park unless I go at dawn.  Even though they can have a good time in 110 degree weather, the car while parked gets to well over 130, and that is way too much for them.  Now I can take them on a quick errand or two, as well as the park.

I know in many parts of the country there's snow and ice and winter is already becoming miserable, but here in the desert, I say, "Blow some of that snow my way!"


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