Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Purse!

This handmade knit purse is only a click away!
I've finally listed a new purse in my shop. It's made with beige yarn and a green lining and has a little rose on the outside. It has been a while since I've listed one, but I'm going to start making more to see if they sell during the Summer season.

It's always hard to figure out what to sell when it's warm, because the last thing you usually think of is knits. I tried to market fishnet tops last year, which I thought would be great for summer, but alas, it didn't sell. Hopefully this summer may be a lot more sale worthy...fingers crossed.

Remember to tune in tomorrow for the "Friday's Favorites" submissions!


  1. Very nice - I like, I like!! I know what you mean about summer (my stuff is crochet) -- but on the other side of the world, it's winter!!

  2. cute clutch... and IMO a fishnet top (or bathing suit cover up) sounds seriously awesome.

  3. That is too cute! You did an amazing job - there is never a wrong time to get a new purse :)

  4. That is so pretty and feminine!


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