Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Funday Video / Plus an update

Mom's doing better now. Every day she needs less and less blood, and now she's actually getting some sleep. In a few days she'll probably be out of ICU, but everything is looking up.

Sunday Funday Video

Since now I'm in a much more chipper mood, it's time to get this blog back on schedule, and what better way for cheering up than a Sunday Funday Video of the week!

If you were disappointed on your wedding day when things went wrong, be thankful that you weren't this couple...


  1. I definitely wouldn't want to be the best man in that scenario.

    Perhaps this is why more people don't get married next to pools?

  2. That is great news, I bet you feel a sense of relief :) T.

  3. So glad your mom is doing better!!

    That video is funny but awful at the same time!!!

  4. So very glad your mother is doing better.
    Thanks for the laugh.
    Laughing is the best remedy for so many things.


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