Monday, September 13, 2010

Audition Tape

I spent most of last evening putting together an audition tape for a movie where the lead character is a magician... How perfect is that!

Unfortunately, I don't think I come accross very well on film. Stage is so much easier for me, when I look back on the tape, I judge every little blink and quirk that I have. My boyfriend says it looks good, and since I'm no good at critiquing myself I'll have to go with him... He, by the way, is not one to say I look good if he doesn't think so... If I look bad, he'll just laugh at me.

Now I need to download the movie to my computer and email it out... fingers crossed!

In other news

More items have been put back in the shop! Come check it out!


  1. I could never do something like that --- GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. sounds exciting! Good Luck, or should we say 'break a leg'. not sure the movie try out lingo...

  3. We are our own worse critics, aren't we?! It sounds very exciting and I hope it works out for you!!!

  4. Welcome back - and what an exciting option ~ to audition for a film! fingers are crossed (only when not knitting, lol)


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