Monday, April 23, 2012

Dogs and Cats

I have two dogs and one cat. They get along pretty well. Sometimes the cat likes to dive bomb the dogs, and they don't seem to mind, and sometimes the dogs try to move the cat with their noses and he doesn't seem to mind.
L to R: Alfred, Bess and Gibbs

The cat's name is Alfred, and he's half house cat half panther (lol).  He's an indoor/outdoor cat and he comes on walks with the dogs. 

It used to be the dogs (Bess and Gibbs) would ignore other black cats thinking they were Alfred.  As they seem to hate all other cats, this was helpful; there are 3 black cats in our complex.

Now, they've gotten smart, and can tell the difference between Alfred and Girl Panther (don't know the cat's name, but it's a girl so that's what I call her). Usually they know before I know. 

Alfred, of course, is no help. We'll be on our walks, run into a cat, the dogs go crazy, and Alfred lays down (sometimes on his back) to watch the entertainment. He gets along with all the other cats in the neighborhood, you'd think he'd offer some assistance.


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