Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Frogging Items

I hate to admit it, but sometimes my ideas don't actually translate to a finished project.  I get started and then I think, "Would I actually wear this?", many times, the answer is no.

Last night, I had about 3 inches done on my American Flag tank top, but the yarn I chose was way to thick, and it was looking way to bulky.  Who wants to wear a bulky tank top in the middle of summer? Away that piece went to the knitting graveyard.

We had just started a movie, and I needed a project and fast. I had an idea for a lacy summer top, so I started on it.  I knew when I began that I would need to get to the yarn shop to have enough to finish it, but hopefully the yarn I have left will let me work on it at work today.

RIP tank top, at some point I'll get some better yarn for that one and try it again.

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