Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to the Real World

I'm back, but only for a bit... I leave on Saturday to visit my dad, and my sister is coming back from Israel so it will be a little family reunion.  I'll also get to see my uncle, which is usually a big deal, but I just saw him at my second cousin's bar mitzvah.

The bar mitzvah was fun.  Even though half of my family is Jewish, this was the first one I'd been too... well, as a magician, the first one that I wasn't paid to be at.  It was good meeting family members that I didn't know existed, and a ton of fun hanging out with my uncle.

The dogs are happy I'm home, and today for the first time, I took them out on one of my runs.  I decided to do a mile to see how they fared.  Gibbs could have gone another mile, but I think Bess was just about done when we had a block to go. Now they are zonked out on the couch and there is peace in the house.

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