Monday, August 6, 2012

Fun Birthday

Though there was no big party, my birthday was very fun and relaxing.

I gave myself a manicure, then I gave myself a pedicure, then I watched the Olympics while crocheting my boyfriend's new afghan. I did a bunch of cleaning the day before, because I don't believe in cleaning on my birthday.

When the boyfriend got home from work, he had balloons and cake! 

He'd already given me my presents in March, when, for some reason, he thought my birthday was earlier than it was. March... August... hmmm... I guess it's easy to get those confused. Anyway, better early than late.

Then we went to Bahama breeze where I stuffed myself with coconut shrimp and shrimp pasta.  I hardly ever get to eat shrimp since I can't make it because the boyfriend is allergic. Then back home for more olympics and to pack in some german chocolate cake and triple chocolate ice cream.

Needless to say, I didn't do my run on Sunday... I rolled.

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  1. I quite agree.....any kind of work should be banned on should be fanned and fed grapes that's what I say. :) I hope you had a great birthday.



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