Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day! Sunday Funday!

Yes, Valentine's day is here! My sweetheart is still sleeping, and probably will still be so when I leave for work, but that's okay since I haven't finished shopping yet.

At first I had no money to buy him anything, so I made him a new beanie because his old one (that I also made) is falling apart. But I couldn't buy him anything else...

Then, yesterday, while looking through my backpack (which I never use much), I found my living statue tip bag which I thought I'd lost. There was a whole shift worth a tips in there. So today, in between jobs, I'm going to get him something special...not that the beanie is not special, but I want to give him something that he hasn't already gotten from me before.

Sunday Funday Video:

In honor of Valentine's day, I thought what could be more romantic than a marriage proposal. I found this one on line, and I think it's sooooo sweet! Enjoy!


  1. LOVE this. Posted it to my facebook, hope you don't mind me sharing the love.

  2. I absolutely love that video! I wonder if she said yes?!

  3. aaw! that was the sweetest thing!!


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