Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Worst Audition

Normally there are only a few different types of auditions. There's the "cattle call" where everyone shows up, and is given a number. There's the by appointment only, where auditioners are given a time to show up, they come and they audition (usually these run about a half an hour late). Then there's the "appointment first and if we have time we'll see the cattle call" which is self explanitory.

It is NEVER done with both at the same time. I was given a time 11:15 and I got there at 11. Upon getting there I was told that the times didn't matter anymore and that my number was 21. Why they even bothered to give me a number, I don't know, because they'd go out of sequence with no rhyme or reason.

Now I assumed (silly me) that with an 11:15 audition, I'd have no problem getting to my dentist appointment by 3:00.

By 2:00, I'd given up. My name was called and I was told I was now 3rd in line. After they called about 5 people ahead of me, I lost my temper. Threw my promotional material on the table and walked out.

Yes, I need work, but this obviously wasn't a professional company...even scam companies know how to run an audition. Everyone who had a decent act had gotten fed up and all these people were left with (judging from what I saw) were acts that wouldn't have even made the bad real on "America's Got Talent".


In other, happier news:

I snagged a treasury west! Yay! Please give it a few clicks and comments if you have the time.

Here's my golden treasury!


  1. OMG, how frustrating. I can't stand it when I have an appointment for something and wind up having to wait a ridiculously long time. It is bad enough to have to wait a half hour, but three hours?! I would have left too-- rather loudly, I might add.

  2. oh that is so frustrating! that seems so unprofessional on their part!

  3. What a pain, some companies treat people so poorly they don't deserve to be in business!

    Hope you have a good audition soon :)

    Congrats on the Treasury :)T.

  4. I hate stuff like that. I'm usually so desperate to find work, but I can only stand so much. I used to sell plasma, and sometimes I would wait 2 or 3 hours before even getting checked in... all for 25 lousy bucks!

    Sorry you had to go through that. But yaay for your treasury!

  5. You're probably better off not getting involved with them. They showed a lack of respect for people and their time. Congrats on the treasury!


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