Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Going on a Man Hunt

...well, not me personally, but I'm helping out my friend. She's been on like a million online dates and they've all been duds. Though this has made for some hillarious stories, it's not quite getting her the result that she wants.

There's a pub here in Vegas that has trivia night every Tuesday. We figure that if a guy plays trivia, he might have at least half a brain. It's not a guarantee, but considering the guys that she's been going out with, it seems a lot more promising.

It will be like going shopping, but I don't have to try anything on (which in my opinion is the worst part about shopping). Even if we don't find anyone for her, we'll at least have good drinks, good food and have fun playing. She's good at the music questions, I'm better at the general knowledge.

I am wing-woman, hear me roar!


  1. too funny, and unlike shopping, you don't have to look in the mirror.

  2. While I'm happily married, I always wanted to see how speed dating works. Lots of my single friends, who aren't completely crazy, have tried out online dating and they say it works well. Love to hear how everything worked out. Try game stores too. Geeks are awesome!

  3. Your story made me chuckle because I was on a similar mission with a friend of mine 2 weekends ago. We had a girls night out planned and I really wanted to help her meet some cool guys, but for some reason, there were hardly any guys out at the places we went that night. We still ended up having a blast with good drinks, food and great conversation though! Hope you find a hot brainiac at that trivia night for your friend!

  4. I often tell my husband,"Don't you dare die or leave me..I don't want to be back out on the market! I've seen what hits on ME and I don't want it knocking on my door!" I'm sure it is hilarious and horrifying by turns.


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