Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Kitten? Maybe?

There's the possibility that we are getting a new kitten. One of the guys that works with the boyfriend had a stray that gave birth in his backyard. He's taken them inside, and getting them used to people right now.

When they can be weaned from mom, we'll find out if we can have one. There were 4, a calico, an orange one, and two black ones. If we do get one, I want a boy, as they are a little more chill than the girl kitties and I think it will make it easier to get him used to the dogs.

Since my cat died 2 years ago, we still have all the kitty stuff, so all we'll have to get is food (I think the stuff goes stale after 2

It's still unknown whether or not we'll get him. If we do, great! If not, the doggies are plenty enough to handle and I'll know that the kitties are still going to good homes.


  1. So exciting! A potential new kitty addition : ) I know from experience that little ginger kitties are oh so gregarious and so much fun! My orange kitty is quite the instigator but I wouldn't have it any other way! I hope you are able to become a new feline mama soon!

  2. How fun! We have a cat that we got as a kitten from a rescue shelter, they told us he was a tabby, turns out hes half maine coon! hes huge! he looks like a bob cat! He thinks hes a dog, play fetch, sniffs guests, they think its hilarious!

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