Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back to Work

I feel like I'm going back to work this morning after a really long vacation.  It hasn't all been vacation though, I've just been working for the same company in a different location.  Who knew magicians could be transferred??!

There was a shopping area/town square that opened up here in the beginning of summer, and to help drive business to it, they had all sorts of entertainment there.  I was pulled from the Venetian to work there for a bit (well, most of the summer), and now is my first Saturday back on the strip.

After doing strolling magic for 4 + hours per day over there, doing six shows at the Venetian feels like nothing.  And where before it seemed like a lot, to have that kind of structure (and longer breaks), it kind of feels like a holiday.

I'm visiting my mom next week, and when I get back I have a full week waiting for me over there.  I'm thinking that by the third day I'll be complaining that the 6 shows a day are hard all over again.

In Treasury News:

Yesterday's treasury, Get your knits before you need them, so far has 94 views, 17 comments, 26 clicks and 3 admirers.  If you haven't had a chance to look at it yet, please show these artists some love.

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