Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Portland, Oregon

I'm in Portland, Oregon right now, visiting with my mom, her husband and her cat.  All three were happy to see me, but so far, the cat is the only one that purred.

I love the weather here.  It's so pretty.  Everyone keeps apologizing and saying that they hope the sun will make an appearance.  What they don't understand is that, I live in the DESERT! I see the sun almost every single day!  I'm totally digging these cool fluffy white things in the sky, and a temperature that doesn't suck out your will to live.  Maybe when Oregonians come to visit me, I should apologize for the lack of clouds.

Well, time to look at some more of the beauty and cuteness outside...especially the squirrels.  If we do have squirrels in Vegas, they have yet to show their faces to me.


  1. LOL I don't think I've ever had a relative purr at me.

    It sounds like you're enjoying everything about your trip including the weather!

    As for squirrels, we're in a rural area and we're supposed to have them around here, but I never see them. In the city I see lots of them. They're very bold there.

  2. Ooooh - I'm in SoCal and getting desperate for the cooler weather to begin! Enjoy your trip (and the wildlife)

  3. Hope you're having fun. Never been to the Northwest states.


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