Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lake Wisconsin

You might have noticed that things have been silent for the past week on the AllThingsTangled Blog, well, the boyfriend, the fur monsters and I took a road trip to Wisconsin.  Bess (the chihuahua) has been a few times and is an old hat at the long drives, while this was Gibb's (the puggle, chug, or whatever he is) first time.  He did surprisingly well and didn't freak out at all.

Gibbs went swimming for the first time in his new life jacket and seemed to enjoy himself.  Bess doesn't really like the water, but will tolerate it since she knows it makes us happy.  We also had a boat ride which they both enjoyed. Bess loves having the wind in her face and letting her giant ears blow back.

We all got in last night and are all exhausted.  The boyfriend had to go into work today, but the monsters and I have the day off to catch up on everything we missed this week.

Alfred, the cat, was unable to join us on the vacation.  Since he is still so young, we were afraid to leave him in the house alone, so we took him to a friend's place to stay.  He adapted quite well, and really enjoyed chasing her Russian wolfhound around the house.

Even though the vet said that Alfred should be full grown around 7 or 8 months, when I picked him up last night, I swear he had doubled in size.  He's bigger than Bess now and is quickly catching up on Gibbs.

The picture above shows Bess, Gibbs, and the boyfriend on the boat.  It's my favorite picture that I took this trip.


  1. Whoops! The pups had better watch out for Alfred! Great pic -- love them bundled in your guy's jacket!

  2. Great photo!
    I miss living near lakes.


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