Monday, October 17, 2011

Cats and Dogs

My dogs get along with my cat, one a bit more begrudgingly than the other, but any other cats will send them into a tailspin.  Their existence bothers them and they turn from sweet angels to something you'd see on the Dog Whisperer.

There are a few neighborhood cats that are not afraid.  Usually we go on our walks peacefully (well, as peacefully as you can get with one dog that still has a bit of puppy in him), but sometimes the cats are out for a bit of entertainment.  They are smart enough to figure out that the dogs can't get to them if they're on a leash.  The dogs, however, have not figured out this key bit of information.

The dogs go crazy, and the cats cock their heads and just look at them.  Instead of running away, I try to calm the dogs down and get them to sit there, hoping that this will show them that there's nothing to get excited about.  If I see the cat when or before they do, I can usually do it, however if they see it first, I'm not quick enough before their emotions go up to 11.

It's even worse when it's not a cat... my "brilliant" dogs sometimes see plastic or paper bags in the street that resemble a cat in some way shape or form.  It usually takes me a little bit to see what has gotten them so riled up.  After calming them down, I take them over to the offensive litter, so maybe they'll see what idiots they were... *sigh*

Oh well, off for a walk now... cats and garbage, beware!


  1. Ha, ha, wonder what they are thinking when they spy a cat:):)

  2. Great post! It brought a smile to my face, especially the part aboaut when it's not a cat. =) And I love that picture on the right!
    from blogging buddies team

  3. Too cute!!!! Fellow etsian now following you!


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