Monday, October 10, 2011

The "Joys" of Halloween Performing

Now don't get me wrong, I love Halloween.  I love seeing everyone dress up in strange costumes, love the candy (except the candy corn) and love having kids coming to my door saying, "Trick or treat?"

However, I do not love performing around Halloween.  Where I do magic at the Venetian, I play a character, and as such wear a costume... year round.  However during the month of October, I am stuck with people asking me, "Where did you get that costume?"  

Of course the average person is going to think I'm dressing up for the holidays, but the worst is the people that work there also think so.  They see me every day and yet in October, they forget and say things like, "Aren't you a little bit early this year?" Did they not have conversations with me last month or the month before?  You might think they are joking, but when I remind them that I always wear this, they say, "Oh yeah..."

Sometimes in the break room, the dealers ask me if they let me take the costume home for Halloween... and yet they don't think it's funny if I ask them if they get to take their uniform home so they can be a dealer for their trick-or-treating.

Don't worry, little kids, I'm not a Scrooge, and though I won't be dressing up for Halloween, I will have candy by the door, and will enjoy each and every one of your costumes.

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