Monday, October 31, 2011

Strange Gig... But Good

On Friday, I performed magic at a Curling Tournament, with special guests who were members of the US Olympic team!  Though I'd watched curling during the Olympics on TV, I'd never been to an actual tournament, nor had I performed at one.

During these tournaments, there is a bit of down time, and there's a bar that overlooks the ice rink for people to hang out in.  This is where I performed.

When I first walked in, I saw a bunch of people dressed up like cows, then there were pilgrims, rabbits and a bunch of other stuff.  I thought, "Wow, these curlers are sure strange!"...then it hit me that it was almost Halloween...duh!

Everyone was really nice and seemed to enjoy the magical break from the curling.  I got to perform for the Olympians as well, and they were really great, down to earth guys.  The guy that runs the tournament says that they'll hire me again next year if they have one... count me in!


  1. Interesting post.

    I almost forgot it was Halloween until I saw all the little goblins dressed up at the school bus stop this morning.

  2. Wow! You performed for Olympians. That's super cool! How funny about the costumes...Sounds like something that I'd do (forget)! =)
    Great post, and thanks for sharing.
    from Blogging Buddies team

  3. Did you get the gig booking in writing there and then? Or don't you do such things in magic circles? Either way, it's nice to know that you've got a booking for next year, already! Not many folks have that these days!

    Happy Halow'een - unless, of course you're on the Eastern seaboard and suffering all that blinking snow. In which case, commiserations! Just means we'll get it all next week!

    All the best.

  4. How cool!

    Yeah, I saw some people out dressed like ninjas and wasn't sure if it was for Halloween or that's just how they dressed :)


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