Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Book Review: Forever Odd

I just read the second of the Odd Thomas series, by Dean Koontz. This one was called Forever Odd. Though many of the amazon reviews hated it compared to the first book, I loved it.  I really enjoy falling in love with a character and then seeing what happens to them next. These books really make me want to meet this "odd" guy in real life, and fictional characters like that are hard to find.

If you haven't read the first book, Odd Thomas, you might want to read that one first as a lot of the characters are set up in that one.

I'm reading the third book right now, Brother Odd, and so far, so good.


Grieving the loss of his fiancee, killed during the climax of his eponymous debut despite anything he and his supernatural intuition could do, Odd Thomas returns in a more suspenseful but less piquant adventure. Only a year older (21), he feels almost ancient and more rueful than ever about his gift for seeing ghosts, Dr. Wilbur Jessup's in particular. The loving stepfather of Odd's brittle-boned friend Danny was alive yesterday, so Odd investigates, as the "psychic magnetism" that attends his ghost-seeing compels him to, and finds the physician brutally murdered and Danny missing. Odd tracks Danny and his abductors to an abandoned casino-hotel, closed by an earthquake that killed dozens five years ago. It's a trap. Danny is bait to draw Odd to Datura, a spookily self-absorbed, wealthy porn entrepreneur and New Age nut, who, obsessed with violent death, wants Odd to make ghosts visible to her.


  1. Great review. Haven't read the series yet, so I think I'll put the first book on my To-Do list!

  2. Excellent review. I love this series! I have read all 4 Odd Thomas novels and I am waiting for #5.

  3. The Odd Thomas series has been on my Kindle wishlist for awhile, now I really have to start reading them!


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