Monday, February 8, 2010

New Stuff!

I've been able to list a couple of new things in between my hellish schedule but I hadn't had time to blog about it until here you go!

Blue and Pink house socks...warm and cozy!
I made these Blue and Pink House Socks recently. I just love the color combination. I keep telling myself that the next pair of house socks are going to be for me, because mine are old and worn out, but then I'm so proud of them that I want to list them, and I think, OK, next

I also made and relisted this Green Cable Headband. I've sold it twice before, so I thought I should give it another go...they're so much fun to make, and green is one of my favorite colors. It keeps the ears warm and the hair back...what more could you want?

In Other News:

I was working and wasn't able to watch the Superbowl and see all the cool commercials...If anyone has a link to some of their favorites, please post them in the comments, I'd love to see them.


  1. Love your things! Glad to see you joined the Saturday Blog network! "See" you next Saturday!btw, I love the green headband. That's my dauhgter's school colors.

  2. I adore those socks!! I always feel relieved after I list it's not really done until it's in the shop!

    The commercials were disappointing this year! You didn't miss anything!

  3. I have given yo the Sunshine award for having an inspirational and crative blog!

    You can pick it up at my blog any time!


  4. cute socks! and you should reward yourself and keep the next pair for yourself! ;)


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