Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Drama of Gloves

So, I've been working on this pair of gloves for what seems like forever. Well, not really, first I was working on this really cool retro crochet halter top, but how I thought it would look and how it was turning out were two different things, and since I would never wear it, I couldn't even think about putting it in my etsy shop. So I scrapped it.

AllThingsTangled knit gloves come in pairs.

Now I'm working on these gloves. I have this beautiful soft yarn in pink, white and brown, but I keep needing to adjust my guage with number of stitches and needle size. They keep turning out huge, and unless my customers want to wear them while playing for the yankees, I have to do them over...again.

So that is going to be today's project...well, after I finally file my tax return...I'm late this year (for me, not for the IRS).

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