Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Funday Video...

Oakland was a ton of fun! We went to the sailboat convention and saw tons of things that we couldn't afford. The weather was beautiful, the food was amazing, unfortunately we didn't even have time to make it into San Fransisco.

I knew I wouldn't have a moment to knit, so I left it at home. Tomorrow I'll have a pair of gloves to photograph and list, and hopefully my Kindle cover will be ready to go up as well.

Sunday Funday Video of the Week

In honor of all the boating, I found this video of some guys on their first time out in the water. My first sailing trip was on a HobiCat very much like this one.


  1. that would probably be my first hobi cat sailing experience if they'd had a piercing hysterical scream that is...

  2. least they were laughing about it!

  3. Oh dear - but we really knew that was coming :) No way would you get me on the water! I do like looking at boats though, as long as my feet are on the ground.


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