Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Summer makes me lazy. There is less call for knits when the weather starts to get warm, and therefor less motivation for me to promote AllThingsTangled as much as I do in the colder season. I've had a pair of gloves waiting to be photographed and listed, but they are just sitting there patiently.

I've also been working on a kindle cover, which would only take me an hour or so to finish, but it too, sits patiently in my knitting bag.

My goal is to really stock up my shop for winter and have a number of items in each of the categories, and also to create a couple of new ones. The work is going slow right now, but I'm still going to try to keep plugging away.


  1. I feel you, man. Napping in the sunshine always sounds nicer than doing any kind of work.

  2. Still waiting for the sunshine but I know what you mean, looking forward to it :) T.

  3. There is just so much to do outside in the summer that I don't get any crafting done either. Right now my craft room is empty waiting for a new floor! Got the painting done this morning. I figure that's a good excuse not to create :)


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