Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lost Doggy Update

Unfortunately, I could not find the owner of the Rat Terrier, and neither could my friend.  I had two responses to the craigslist ad, and one was close, and the other had the wrong coloring.

Since the lost doggy hated my friend's parents, she couldn't keep him any longer, and since my dogs wanted him for dinner, I couldn't keep him either.  There's no telling what the cat would have done to him.

I tried to give him away to everyone at work, as did the boyfriend at his place of business, but no luck. 

We ended up taking him to a shelter that had more resources in finding the rightful owners so they could either reunite them, or prosecute them for dumping him.  

It killed me to take him there, but I thought it was his best chance at finding a good home as he is quite adoptable, and loves other animals.  ... He was great with me, my boyfriend and my friend... he just didn't seem to like older people, but he had a little too much energy for them anyhow.

In treasury news:

So far this week's treasury, Bedazzling and Becoming, has 110 views, 24 comments, 59 clicks and 8 admirers.

Tune in tomorrow for this week's submissions!


  1. Aww poor little thing. You did good, all that you could for him. I love rat terriers, I had a girl and she was the best dog ever!

  2. I hope he finds a good home. It's such a bummer!
    from Blogging Buddies team

  3. What a shame - but you did what you could. It's not your fault, nor the poor woofer's. As you say, the shelter does have better resources, but these days they are under pressure.

    As a matter of interest, what does a rat terrier look like? We have several terrier types who are ratters - like Jack Russells, Border Terriers and mixtures of both/other terrier species! Would be very interested, if you have time to enlighten me1

    Cheers. Isobel

  4. You did the best you could for the little dog. Hopefully, they will be able to find the owners, or better yet find him a loving family that won't just throw him out.


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