Saturday, June 9, 2012

Boyfriend Teaches Make-Up Skills

Gigs have been really slow as of late, so when I got the chance to do magic at a Bat Mitzvah, I jumped at the chance.  The catch? I have to be a clown.

Boyfriend Balancing Plates
Now my boyfriend was a real clown on Ringling Brother's Circus, so of course I asked him for help.  Together we stood in front of the mirror as he gave me step by step instructions on how to do my make up.  It didn't come out too bad.  Unfortunately, I will have only 15 minutes to do it in as I finish performing at the Venetian at 6:45 and the gig starts at 7:30 in a different hotel.

I kind of feel like an imposturer doing this as I feel clowning is an amazing art. The boyfriend actually went to clown college and everything! But, I need the money... This gig is going to help pay for the work I miss when I'm on vacation with the boyfriend.

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