Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm on a Billboard!

I've always wanted to be on a billboard.  To be driving along and look up and say, "That's me!"

Well, it finally happened.  I did a photo shoot for the Venetian, and now the image is plastered all over the hotel, plus there's a billboard on Spring Mountain Road right near the Strip!

Unfortunately, I am wearing a mask, so even my mother wouldn't recognize me.  But at least I know it's me.  Plus many of the other performers know since they have seen me in that costume on many occasions.  

So here it is, me and my billboard:

Me and my Billboard at the Venetian
I'm the one in the red shirt, lol, plus the one in the picture doing the same pose.


  1. Oh dangggggg! That's so cool! Can I ask how you came across such a cool opportunity?


    Erin from EBT


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