Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Bruised Hand

Oh yes...I tried to stop, but I couldn't...Knitting that is, with a bruised hand and all. Not to mention that I was knitting in between shows where I was doing magic (with my hand) and juggling (with my hand)...oh the pain, and yet, in between shows, there I was working on my sweater...Smart?...Probably not.

The juggling was the worst: Balls pounding into my hand over and over and over again...ironically, I didn't drop as many during the day as I usually do...does pain really make one more careful?

As far as the magic went, I didn't change much, but I did cut the silk trick to avoid tying knots...I know, it makes so much sense that I would knit which is in effect knot after knot after knot and then go onstage and be afraid to tie 3 little old knots...Consistancy is not always my strong suit.

The blueness is fading a bit this morning...6 shows today, and they should be easier than yesterday...

Will I forge into the land of rollerblading? Yeah! You betcha...on Thursday...but I think I'll do my shows first, just in case.

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