Monday, October 27, 2008

Still in Sight

My goal is to finish the sweater today and have some cool pictures posted...we'll see if that happens. Just a little bit more on the second sleeve and then onto the neck...I only have one show today, so it's totally doable...maybe I can even have it listed today too *fingers crossed*

I really want to get started on some smaller projects soon...I haven't listed anything new in a while and I want to get my shop full before the Christmas rush...I really hope there's a Christmas Rush...

In other news, I had to work an extra gig this weekend which is good, but the weather was so nice, and it might be the last nice weekend and I couldn't go on the boat with the boyfriend...It still tickles me to think that I live in the middle of the desert and yet I can sail all the way to Arizona...weird!

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