Thursday, October 23, 2008

Update on the Misc...

The hand is almost better lasting damage, thank goodness. Why is it that when one hurts their hand it's always the dominant one...I never hurt my left hand...*sigh* Murphy's Law does tend to run my life.

At work...The shows went fine yesterday until right in the middle a wedding party decided that that was the perfect place to take a photo....There were around 100 people watching the show in the square, and this couple and their photographer ran in and tried to pose right in front of the stage...IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SHOW!!! Did they not realize??? Why in the world did they think a bunch of people were standing around watching something? I can understand not being aware of one's surroundings, but please!

My new sweater is coming along nicely...I'm almost finished with the main body and now I'm working on the sleaves...I can't wait until I'm done, because I have lots of ideas now about what I want to make next for the shop. Sometimes it's really nice to stop and make something for yourself to cleanse the brain, so to speak...and believe me, my brain needs quite a bit of cleansing.

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