Sunday, October 19, 2008


Hello everyone and welcome to my knitting blog...

I'm a knitter and a reader and many times I do both at the same time...Sounds imposible, but it's easier than you think!

I have my own store at where I sell my creations....I opened it up because of my love of knitting and crocheting, and my projects needed an outlet...a place to set them free so to speak.

When I started, I fell in love with the entrelac style and made many scarves...I couldn't get enough of that woven pattern...first using multi colored yarns and then moving on to two different colors and changing them in alternate rows.

Right now, I just started on a sweater that's actually for me...but who knows? When I'm done it might just end up being sold...I never know what a project is going to tell me when I'm done.

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