Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Busy, busy

Now that my sweater is finished, I've started working on some Christmas items...first up is a christmas color doily...I think I'm about halfway through!

In other news, tonight I get to perform at the Liberache house (no not the museum, but the one he lived in)...I'm so excited! I've driven by it many times (I had a friend who lived on the same street), but now I get to go inside...and get paid for it.

I have still had but one sale...I've been promoting all over the web, but I'm sure there's something I haven't done...I'll figure it out. It's like a treasure hunt! I'm glad I started the site now, though, because my magic shows are being booked like crazy...if not, I'd be sitting in front of the computer tearing my hair out, and that wouldn't be good...not to mention painful.


  1. that's awesome... a professional magician! I've been to Las Vegas once and there's way too much for me to see... good luck with the show and love your sweaters.. color and they look warm too!

  2. wow you have a lot of fun things going on. keep up the awesome work.


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