Thursday, May 7, 2009

Random Thoughts

Does your doggie need a present? Click on the picture and maybe you'll find something you like.
I finally have a day off today, probably to be filled with cleaning and errands, but I think my expectations are slightly high on that front.

The new piece I'm working on right now is turning out really might be a hard one to list since I almost want to keep it for myself.

It was really nice doing magic again at the Venetian, though I can fill other roles there, being a magician is what I do and who I am so it feels the most comfortable.

Still haven't heard from the custom order girl...I might send her a convo tomorrow, but if she doesn't have it set up to email her when she gets one, it might not do any good.

My weekly poker game is tonight...if I win, it will mean an extra present for my boyfriends birthday...I've already gotten him a couple of things which I can't wait to give him and which I can't post here just in case he discovers my blog.

Thursdays can be rough, it's not quite the weekend, but the end is in sight...why not buy yourself a present to cheer yourself up...There's a great store right here!


  1. Hey someone is giving away a large dog bed on freecycle..that pic is hysterical.!

    The hubster plays poker on thursdays and he went to rockingham before cards...bad boy but he left $30 dollars to the good and won $3.00 at cards..ha ha..wait a minute I didn't get a present........hmmm...maybe he hid it for mother's day!

    I could use of magic right now...more like a magic wand to clean up this mess I have ...yarn everywhere.

  2. I have 2 Jack Russell's and they would think this bed is small for them, they love to sleep in extra large beds. This picture made me laugh.

  3. lol! That is a great pic! He looks so upset to be in it!


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