Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Tips for Etsy

Here we are again...another Tuesday, another tip. This one's all about business cards. We all know how important they are, and we all know we should have them, but sometimes our budgets don't allow it (especially during these troubled times). Well I found a website that not only gives them for free, but they don't even charge shipping! It's called http://www.marketsplash.com/res/business-cards-search.html?eprcd=MS11100FreeCards.

Now the drawback is (and of course there's always a drawback when you're getting anything for free) that you can't use your own designs. You have to make it with their premade cards. I'm still thinking of getting some though, the way I figure, it's better to have business cards than no business cards.

In other news:
Need a scrunchie? Click here and it shall be your's!

I was busy yesterday making some smaller items for my etsy shop. You'll start to see them trickle in as the week goes by. The newest is a pink scrunchie with silver beads! As always there is free shipping to the US and Canada, and if you want to order more than one, it's only $2 for each additional scrunchie!


  1. I am going to check out the site for free business cards. Thanks!

  2. I found a site with free cards too - they have quite a few designs to choose from and you can print them right away:

  3. www.vistaprint.com gives out free business cards as well!


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