Monday, May 11, 2009

Sanitation by Joan

Finally, the upstairs has been cleaned. We spend so little time up there that it's really hard to work up the motivation to make it nice up there. Every night before bed I think, "OK, things I need to do tomorrow: clean upstairs." and then every morning I think, "I don't wanna! Maybe tomorrow." And so it's gone on for quite a while, but now the upstairs is a welcoming spot to as for the downstairs right we should just stick with my successes for the day.

Don't forget that tomorrow is "Tuesday's Tips for Etsy", check back for my newest etsy tip...

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  1. I'm also a procrastinator when it comes to cleaning, lol.

  2. hmmm.. thats what I SHOULD be doing! haha

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  3. I cleaned my house this weekend too - exciting stuff!

  4. Totally understand the cleaning problem. I have a storage room crammed full of stuff that really needs to get cleaned out and organized. Will have to wait till hubby is working though. He can't seem to throw anything out or give it away.


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