Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday's Favorites --PLAID--

Well, the clown pants are going...but not great. I forgot to listen to my mother's golden rule on sewing from a pattern..."No matter what it says, or what size it says, always make it bigger...they always run small."

Well, needless to say, the pants fit me (quite nicely, but the back pocket is a little ugly). The boyfriend says to finish them in case I need to wear them for a gig with him, so hopefully these will still turn out ok, and then I can start the process all over again...*sigh*...

So in honor of the plaid clown pants, this week's Friday's Favorites is all about the plaid.

There isn't a whole lot of plaid on the market, but these items, I think, are great. Check them out and get in touch with your plaid side.


  1. Yay for plaid! That vintage skirt is way cool :)

  2. These are fun! ...and best of luck on the pants!


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