Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holiday Hangover

Well, it's January 2nd, and the holidays are officially over.

Pretty soon I'll be taking down the tree, and pretty soon, at the Venetian, I'll get to stop dodging Christmas decorations while I perform.

The tree thing always makes me sad, and I'd love to leave it up for longer.

The Venetian thing makes me happy, though, because the decorations make it really hard to see the stage, block some of the lights, and I'm constantly worried that one of my juggling balls will end up on top of one. It sounds like a silly worry, but it happened once, and though security promised to return it to me, I never saw it again. Then I had to buy another set of three.

Gone are the Christmas Carols in our shows, which makes me sad. I just love all the songs. During December, I'm one of those people that has their car radio turned to the all holiday station.

But as each year passes, the time goes buy quicker and quicker, which means Christmas will be here again before I know it.


  1. I'm always sad to take down the tree and decorations! The house seems so depressing afterwards.


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