Monday, January 11, 2010

Hello?...Blackberry?...Are you there?

Yesterday after work, the boyfriend went out to the boat to take a mold of the front of it so his friend could make a figure head for the front. It's going to be awesome! He sketched out this clown reaching out over the bow and it's going to be holding the lights that are at the front (I'm sure there's a name for them, but if I ever learned it, I've now forgotten).

He sent me a picture of the mold being made, but it was dark, and I had no idea what he was even making a mold of. When I got home and he wasn't there, I texted him...never heard back.

He came home later holding the mold, but kind of down trodden...when asked what was wrong, he responded, "Let's just say, the carp under the boat are now making long distance calls to China."

...Thank goodness for computer back up.

In other news:

The saga of the clown pants will continue today...Though they'll be small, I'm hoping they'll be finished. I'm also going to go online and look at Zoot Suit pants patterns, and maybe next week make another attempt.


  1. :( reminds me of our trip to Disneyworld years ago - and watching the gentleman reach over a raft railing on the way to Tom Sawyer Island ... he'd dropped a piece of paper. And as he leaned over, out if his shirt pocket fell his camera. splish splosh

  2. Oh No!! Well, at least it's a story to tell when people comment on the figure head!


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