Wednesday, November 24, 2010

LA... Speedy Trip...and plans for Thanksgiving

My friend and I drove to LA yesterday to look at apartments for her upcoming move. It was probably the fasted trip their I've ever done. 4 hours of driving there, then 2 and a half hours looking at places, and then 4 hours home. Who knew sitting in a car could be so exhausting.

I should have brought my knitting as I have lots of stuff to make, not only for orders, but for special family requested Christmas presents. I was worried that if I brought it, I might feel ill...even though most of the time I'd be looking at the road and not my hands... probably for the best anyway.

Today I have to go food shopping for Thanksgiving. Yeah, I know it's kinda last minute, but the boyfriend and I decided to eat in at the last minute just like we did last year. Wonderful dinner, then setting up the tree, and then playing games and munching on left overs for the rest of the night... I think I might try my hand at an apple pie, I've never made one before.

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