Saturday, November 13, 2010

Photo Shoot, and Opening Night

Yesterday, I had a photo shoot for the new show. A couple of the shots had me standing on one leg in three inch heels for a while, well, until I got a cramp in my butt and fell over. Not the most graceful of my moments.

I think the pictures turned out well. The photographer is excellent, and even when you don't look at your best, he's really good at making you look good on the computer. Remember back when people used regular film and you had to wait two weeks to get a proof sheet only to find out there weren't any good shots? Well, thank goodness times have changed.

We open tomorrow...well, not technically opening until the middle of next week, but tomorrow is a show for friends and family. It will be my first time doing this thing in front of an audience....yikes!!!!

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