Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Flamingo Magic ... and a scuba dive

Last night I got to perform magic by the pool at the Flamingo Hilton. Though I'd been to the hotel many times, I'd never been out to the pool. There were four magicians performing for the managers of Anna's Linens, and I was in charge (sounds exciting, but all it meant was I had to call the booking agent afterward and tell him how it went.)

The people there were great, and they made performing enjoyable. I actually shop at the store myself, and met the manager of the branch by my house. It's really a mom and pop store that has gone national. The owner was really nice, and you could tell that the workers really respected him and weren't just being nice because he was the owner.

Salvage Mission:

Today after the boyfriend finishes work, we're going on a salvage mission. He's breaking out his scuba gear and going under the boat to collect all the tools that he's dropped (...and a couple of blackberry's). He has an underwater camera that's connected to the TV, so I'll be monitoring his progress. I'm not going under myself, as the water is too cold for a girl like me from Hawaii, but if he loses anything in the summertime, I'll be right there with him.


  1. I bet it was beautiful out there by the pool at night! Good luck on your salvage mission!


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