Monday, March 28, 2011

Singer? Or Puss in Boots?

So, even though I usually perform as a magician at the Venetian, yesterday I got called in to work to be a singer. One singer called in sick, one is on maternity leave, and one got insured on Saturday... I had to fill in one of the male parts. That doesn't mean that I had to come in and start singing baritone, I just filled in the blocking for the male singer. I got to wear our female-in-a-male-costume, which made me look like puss in boots without the tail or the ears. It was so HOT! It's a polyester shirt, with a velvet jacket with a polyester cape...under the hot lights, I think I lost five pounds in water weight. Any more layers and I would be at the sweat lodge trial in Arizona!

In knitting news:

I'm working on a summer vest-like jacket that I designed. I got the back finished last night while watching "Be Kind, Rewind" (a really funny movie, by the way) and got started on the right front. It would be really nice if I could finish it today, but with all of the edging I have to do at the end, it's probably wishful thinking.


  1. I def couldn't argue with losing 5 pounds but being hot is the worst! Glad you made it through it. Looking forward to seeing that summer vest!

  2. What a fun job you have!
    And your summer vest sounds very cool!

  3. Good luck on that vest! Hope to see the pictures sooner!

  4. That sounds so fun! Definitely post pics!

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. :)



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