Saturday, March 5, 2011

Relapse? Or Fatigue?

So, I'm thinking that if you just got over being sick, then running through the Venetian (which must be a mile at least though I haven't measured it out), is probably a bad idea. I had just finished my last show at the Venetian, so I walked over the bridge to Treasure Island to meat my dad for dinner (did I mention he was in town?). Well, on my way back I realized that time had gotten away from me and if I didn't hurry, I was going to be pushing it to get to my one woman show.

So off a charged through the grand canal, my only thought being, "please don't let there be a line at the Coffee Bean, so I can get a cup on my way to the car!" (Yeah, I have my priorities).

Everything was fine, got my coffee, got to my car and headed out to the theater, when all of a sudden, waves of nausea hit me. Now all that's going through my head is that I have to stand up in front of a bunch of people for over an hour, making them laugh and not letting them know that I wanted to throw up, and how was I going to do that.

Luckily fate was smiling on me, and there wasn't enough people to do the show. For the first time in my life, I was happy that a show was canceled.

Still a little queasy today, but I'm not planning any sprints in the near future.

In other news:

My Tube Top made it into this treasury!


  1. ooh - hope you are okay. Look after yourself : )

  2. If you aren't feeling better by Monday, you better get to the doctor!

    Congrats on the treasury! I do love that tube top!


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