Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ugh... Paperwork

What happened to this paperless society that people keep talking about. Today is all about paperwork for me. I can't find my interest statements for my taxes (and of course they are not available online), and I need to have them for my tax guy today. I guess for that one I'll be scrounging through files.

Then I need more paperwork for my loan modification. Some has to be printed online, and some needs to be located and some needs to be written. Paper, paper, paper, paper... My hands will be so bloody with paper cuts, I won't be able to knit today.

In other news:

I finished the new top that I've been working on for the past two weeks. It's one of those projects that you knit some, you pull out some, you crochet some, and then you pull out some more again. It took me forever to get it just right, and now I'm kinda sick of looking at it.

If I finish all my paperwork, then I'll be photographing and listing it today. Then it can go away on my stock shelf.... hopefully, by the next time I look at it, either I'll be shipping it off, or all be falling in love with it again.


  1. Thanks for stopping by at my blog!

    Checking out yours now....

    I dread paperwork as well...and I have been procrastinating some application stuff for quite some time now...its on me like a sword now!

  2. Good luck with your paperwork, and I can't wait to see the top you've been working on!

  3. I hate paperwork too. My husband and I are trying to adopt our first child and we have doing paperwork for months.

  4. I am drowning in paperwork and do almost anything else to avoid dealing with it. There, I've confessed.

  5. Oh yes, paperwork kept me up until 3:30am on Sunday night/Monday morning. Good times!

  6. Paperwork is the worst. I probably procrastinate doing it more than anything else. Hope you find the tax papers!


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