Thursday, June 11, 2009

Can I relax?

I have one precious day off today and then back to work tomorrow. My body is less sore than it was...I guess that means I'm either not working as hard or I'm finally getting back into shape. That's one week down and three weeks to go before our other performer should be back from his foot injury, so the marathon working schedule continues.

I should probably fix my magic props that have broken, or clean the poor neglected house, but there is probably a lot of couch sitting in my future...maybe I can even talk the boyfriend into a backrub.

In happier news:

Tomorrow is "Friday's Favorites!" and since Father's day is coming up, I would love to see some of your items for the occasion. Just post the link in the comments and be sure to check back tomorrow to see some must have gifts for dad.


  1. funny shirt, crap 9 days till fathers day i need to get to work!

  2. Hope you get back to feeling better soon!

  3. LOL The Father's Day shirt!

    Hope you get that backrub!

  4. I second the idea for a backrub. I think the kitty picture sums it up.

  5. Great pic of kitties and t-shirt! Sounds like you're getting back into shape and I bet a backrub would make all the difference in feeling better :)


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