Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Funday Video

Oh yes, is that time of week again. This time I went for one of the funniest commercials I'd ever seen...Enjoy!


  1. That is too funny!! Our oldest tried something like that once when he was 2.5 years old. Not quite that bad though thank goodness. Of course he never tried it again!!
    Didn't have to spank him - but he knew mommy was not impressed.

  2. i was trying to guess at first what product would be advertised in that commercial.that's so funny!haha xD

  3. Ok, so I am at the library and I just laughed so loud that the librarian had to tell me to SHHHH!

    That was soooo funny!

  4. I LOVE this commercial. It was a dose of birth control for sure for me! I heard it in real life a time or two as well- these birth control "shots" really last awhile for me. I am now 30.. NO kids lol

  5. My daughter thank god never made such a big fuss, but when I see other parents with such a kid they have my sympathy.


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