Saturday, June 13, 2009

I have a problem...

...and I think I'm ready to admit it now...I'm totally addicted to number puzzles. Sudoku, kakuro, hitori...and some that I've even forgotten their name.

Before it was manageable. I'd do a puzzle in the newspaper, or maybe one in a puzzle book before bed, but then I discovered It has all sorts of cool puzzles. The one I'm currently focused on is called fill-a-pix which is kind of reminicent of Mine Sweeper.

I was almost late for work yesterday trying to finish one.

These things are like crack! (No, I've never done crack, but I imagine it would be just as addicting)

I have stuff to do, and a life to live...maybe if I do just one more puzzle I'll get it out of my system?

I have to go now...there's a puzzle sitting there just waiting for me...Remember to tune in tomorrow for the Sunday Funday video of the week...that is, unless I'm in puzzle rehab.


  1. I don't get those puzzles at all. But I like work finds, does that count?

  2. I love puzzles too...will go and check out your link. I hope it doesn't amount to yet another addiction :-)

  3. i used to be so addicted to soduku too! but now its word puzzles- scrabble, grabbler, ones like that! funny isnt it! lol

  4. Puzzle rehab! LMAO!!! I don't like the number things. But I love word warp... Seeing how many words you can make out of a combination of letters. I'm addicted.

  5. numbers sigh headache. :P do you like ?

  6. wish I was smart enough to do number puzzles. Embrace them and reign supreme!!


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