Saturday, June 6, 2009

Trying to accomplish the un-accomplishable

Yesterday I was only supposed to work a half a day. 3 shows, in and out, what could be easier? I had my day planned, go to Michaels, then go to work. Unfortunately, the person performing during the first half of the day hurt his foot and asked if I could work a whole day...Change of plans...but I said yes because I needed the money.

So then the plan was to finish my newest beach cover-up and then start on the wedding snood in between shows...the key word is "was"...After working during two breaks I ran out of yarn for the cover-up. (I was working with some really long scraps I had left over from another project.) I don't need that much more, so I'm still trying to decide whether to buy a whole new skien where I'll use less than a quarter of it, or just scrap this project for a while.

Ok...change of plans...I thought, "OK, I'll just work on the snood today." Well, I wanted to add pearl beads to it, but unfortunately, the pearls that I got had holes that were waaaaay to small for the yarn....sigh...I ended up playing solitaire on my phone for the rest of the as it was, very unproductive.

I did get to Michael's after work, got some new pearl beads and have since started on the fingers are crossed that I can finish it today at work.

Want to see some projects that aren't frustrating?

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  1. Solitaire all day, I couldn't do that! But good luck on your snood today! :)

  2. Sounds typical of one of my days. All you make comes out beautiful even with set backs.
    I tried posting before but don't know if it worked. So if this is a repeat.....sorry. Still learning my way around blogspot

  3. hahah! I had a day like this yesterday! I went to the movies, waited in line for 30 minutes got into the theater and the fire alarm went off! Outside waiting for 45 minutes!

  4. I know the feeling.........I have been ther many times , thanks for sharing :)

  5. It's like that old saying "life is what happens while you're making other plans"

  6. The best laid plans, right? That is so frustrating!

  7. Oh! Now that day sounds familiar! Oh well. Thats life :)

  8. I've had days like that too. It seems like the more I plan, the more likely things are to get messed up.

    Good luck with your snood.

  9. Aww...your day sounds like some of mine.
    Maybe that solitaire cleared your mind so you can re-start those projects on a good vibe.

  10. Those kind of days can be frustrating! =P


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