Monday, June 1, 2009

It's a grind

I spent most of yesterday working on a new magic trick. I'm not necessarily the greatest when it comes to big illusions, so it was definitely a work out. Luckily I wasn't the one getting in and out of the box, so (because I have worked as an assistant before) I know I definitely had the easier job.

I was so tired afterward that I couldn't keep my eyes open and ended up crashing on the couch. I didn't even have the energy to cook anything, so the boyfriend got take out...whew...

Today I got called in to do another shift of living statue. Though it's not magic, it definitely pays more and I could use the money...thank goodness I'm doing the later shift, because there's no way I could get up there and do it at 10 in the morning.

What will you be doing while I'm standing still? Maybe clicking here?


  1. I'm impressed that you're able to stand still for that long of a time!

  2. Good luck with the magic! I could not stand to be a living statue, much too figity

  3. Nice, learning magic tricks. Cool!


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