Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Something New

Give this photo a click to find out measurements and other info!
Just listed my Rainbow Headband finally. I had taken the photos last week, but just got the burst of energy to list it today...believe it or not the hardest part was measuring it...no really...we have at least 6 or 7 tape measures in the house and rulers gallore and yet I couldn't find a single one...well, obviously I found one, but it took a while.

Now I need to start making a wedding item for a wedding challenge that the Etsyknitters Team is putting together. They are the only team I belong to and are a really great group of people...trouble is, I don't have anything wedding in my shop right now, and haven't thought of a good idea yet...I guess it's kinda hard to start making something until you know what you're going to make, so I think I'll start with that first.

In other news:

Living statue went great yesterday. I've been working out and I could see that it's really paying off. I was barely sore when I finished my shift...now if only I could fit into my jeans...I guess that will come next.


  1. Cut headband! I know what you mean about missing rulers... although that also happens with me with pens and tape and scissors too!

  2. I have who knows how many measuring tapes and rulers too, but always have to search everywhere to find one!! Same goes with pens. Why is that? They don't have legs!! (but my kids do)

  3. What a cute headband. Generally I don't wear them because they give me a headache, but that has possibilities. :)


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