Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday's Flowery Favorites!

Since the rain has gone and the sun has come back, I thought flowers would be a great way to celebrate. There is definitely something for everyone here, from paintings to lotion, from scarves to purses...hopefully you'll see something you like.

Last week we had one sale! Lets see how many we can get this week.

In treasury news:

I'm in two treasuries right now!! (Actually, it was three, but one expired before I could post it.)

Please take a look and give a click or will be much appreciated.


  1. The Etsy Mini is a great idea! How nice of you to showcase other Etsians. I'm planning to do something similar in my blog too. I love today's the flower theme. Lots of great new shops and items to heart!

  2. it's supposed to snow here tonight--like a crazy snow storm. Doesn't happen much in N.C. Anyway, nice to see some flowers as contrast of what's to come!

  3. Thank you some much for including my flower in your mini :)

    They all look great tog.

    I commented on both treasuries they are beautiful :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, regards, T.

  4. Love all the flowers!! Thank you so much for including my lavender sachet! Congrats on the treasuries!!

  5. Thanks for including my paper roses! Great set of flowers!


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